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TEL: 86-21-69591389
FAX: 86-21-69591529
LEE FENG(Leeco) is an exclusively Taiwan owned enterprise,specializes in Mats of all kinds ,including car-mat,door-mat , carpet files,mat runners..., covering an area of 20000 sqms , with 65000 sqms being fully utilized for manufacture. LEE FENG has been in the mats industry for more than 20 years,and has made an indelible dent in this very field , with customers scattering around the world.Dissatisfied with the exiting collection , Our professional R&D team also dedicate the undertaking customization project(s) . You just give us an idea, a concept,then,leave the rest to us for helping it take shape!!
If you are looking for a reliable,trustworthy,partner who can always deliver to you whatever request you may expect of it , coming to LEE FENG will a wise decision that you could possibly make,We are awaiting the chance to be of service you...

Car mats...
LEEFENG's car mat is designed for wholesome use and has superior resiliency. Soft rubber attached to the bottom of the mat ensures the perfect fixation.It acts as a noble and luxurious interior atmosphere that help drivers feel comfortable while driving. LEEFENG car mat promises the most pleasant driving for the customers.

Door mats
We've developed the "multi-functional Carpet Met which can be used for home, office, building, commercial place, floor etc. Our products are made by quality cloth(various colors,materials & design), film, cushionable pad. First of all, very cheap price, very fast dryness due to damp-proof film and easy cutting. You also can replace old carpet with new one every 2-3 year because of very cheap, and you always feel cleanliness in your life spaces.

Matting runners
This runner features a contemporary grid design that dampens the noise of foot traffic. The edge-trim has a smooth underside to ensure close contact with carpeting. With over 2,000 anchorpoints per linear foot, Quiet Runner stays firmly in place.

Rubber tiles
Elastic and elieve slipping,safly and durable better permeation.Noise elimination and shake absorbing,varions colour campus,park.Buildings,apartments hospital sanatorium.Training ground of armed force.

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